Want to prevent this?

This is caused by " incorrect air to gas ratio " which can be
caused by mud daubers spiders etc. It is always a good idea to
clean the burner tube before you use the water heater.
It is pretty easy to do with the right tool.

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You can run this inside the burner tube before use
and not have to take anything apart if all is good.
If you have Mud daubers it will have to come apart but
if it is spiders this brush will fix it.

You will want to test this from outside the unit at
the water heater. As a one person job, you can unplug
the circuit board then go back inside and cut
the water heater switch and turn it on. Then go back
outside at the water heater and plug the circuit
board in. If the "air to gas ratio" is wrong you
will be able to smell-it right away. You then quickly
un-plug the board. The board and plug are down low
away from the flames.
In some situations spiders can get inside the
tube while the water heater is in the off or Stand-by mode.
In other words while it is idol and the water is hot a
spider gets inside the burner tube. This screen can prevent
some of the larger bugs from getting in.

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The smaller bugs that can get through the screen don't
normally cause a problem. While on a long outing something
"goes awry " the sound may be different from the
inside and you may also be able to smell it.

Turn the Water Heater off while you sleep.

There are other things that can cause this so
keep in mind, if it does not sound right or smell
right turn it off. If it is more than Varmints
you may need to dig deeper or contact
your repair guy or service center.








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