LED Lights for your Camper 101





LED Cluster Bulb Vs LED Pad




This is a video on a
Pro Series Circuit Tester - Visual and Audible


How to install a LED pad in a Dome/Pancake Light


How to repair a Fluorescent light with LED strips



How to install the LED Tail-light Kit for the

Airstream 4.25 Monarch tail Light.



This is Airstream 1966 to 1981 wiring.

Airstream was wired---------------------- The Function----------------------------- Industry Standard
Red----------------------------------- Left turn/stop -------------------------------------Red
Green------------------------------ Tail light/clearance ----------------------------------Green
Brown -----------------------------Right turn/stop------------------------------------- Brown
Blue ----------------------------------Charge line ---------------------------------------Black
White ------------------------------------Ground ----------------------------------------White
Black---------------------------------- Backup lights -----------------------------------Yellow
Yellow------------------------------------- Brakes -----------------------------------------Blue

Below are the picture how it looked

How it should look when you get finished.

Here is the Wiring setup for the 7 Round - Spade





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